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The company LUMARKT was established in 1991 with its seat in Košice. Košice as the Eastern Slovak Metropolis possesses an advantageous business location within central and eastern Europe with Mr. Daniel Lučkanič as its founder and only owner.

Certificates and Awards

IFS Certificate - We have been updating our IFS certificate (International Food Standard) yearly since 2008 in order to secure the food stuffs as quality and safe ones. SLOVAK GOLD Certificate - Our products have been labeled with this well known symbol of quality for many years already. Currently we offer tuna fish, tuna fish salads and sardines as Slovak Gold labeled goods from the company CONSERVAS GARAVILLA, S.A..


LUMARKT´s vision is to always increase the share in the canned food market in Slovakia and abroad. To keep good relationships with our business partners and secure a permanent increasing satisfaction for our customers focusing in the quality of our goods. We are also looking into the future by gradually expanding our product range for the non-food sector as well as mediating various business activities.

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Spaghetti with seafood

We need: • 500 g spaghetti, • 1 tea spoon of sea salt, • 1 tea spoon of oil, • 7 g olive oil, • 4 garlic cloves,…